Tinder Profiles

I wish I could set up a Tinder Profile help desk or Advice Panel!  But since I can’t – I’m going to post my thoughts here around what NOT to do when setting up a profile.

Profile Pictures:

I can’t believe there are many Tinder-nites out there who don’t know that they can actually CHOOSE their pictures!  As someone on Tinder, looking to meet someone I like the look of, I am judging you from the moment your first profile picture appears.  Tinder is there to assist you in “selling yourself” and your “sell” needs to have impact, else you’ll just be swiped left.  Kind of like a CV.  If your profile isn’t appealing, you’ll experience less matches.  So here’s my bit of free advice:

  • If there is space for 5 pictures, ensure you include 5.  Only one picture to me suggests you are fake.  I never swipe right for someone with one picture, no matter how good looking you are.
  • DO NOT include pictures of Manchester United, your dog, your child, your shoes, a car, a cartoon character – or anything else that doesn’t show yourself in it.
  • DO NOT include pictures of you with your ex partner.  And most certainly not one taken at your wedding
  • Don’t have all your pictures taken in a group / pair.  How am I suppose to know which is you?
  • SMILE at least in one of your pictures!
  • Don’t wear sunglasses in every one of your pictures.
  • Don’t post naked / offensive pictures
  • And check that you don’t have a similar pose / smile or some form of clothing in each and every pic.  Swipe through your profile once you have chosen your pictuers to make sure that it is varied.

Profile Description:

I always look at the pictures first, and only if that passes the test do I read the description.  If there are tons of spelling errors, I am going to assume you aren’t educated.  Humor is always a good thing!  I might still match a profile if there’s no description given, but a description can often swing my decision to the left or right.

I believe that what you put out on Tinder is what you will find.

If you are looking for a shag, then you either say so, or hint at it.  If you are looking for a relationship, you SAY so.  There is others out there that are looking for exactly what you are!  If you don’t actually know, then you say so too.



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