Worst Tinder Date

I have been asked this question several times by friends who have either given up on Tinder or who don’t want to give it a try, and my honest answer is:

In my three years of tinder dates, my worst Tinder date was all down to SIZE.

A very spontaneous date which resulted in a match in the morning and dinner arrangements by that evening, resulted in a wonderful banter in between with the offer of being picked up from home and taken to dinner.  The entire chemistry unravelled when my date stepped out of his car and revealed that he was shorter than me!  (And I’m relatively short as it is).  Why is this the worst date ever?  Because I knew from the minute I met him that I didn’t want this to go any further, and yet I had to politely sit through a meal and gently decline a good night kiss.

I have had the most incredible tinder dates / meetups.  Maybe I am better at “screening” men before deciding to meet with them?  I follow my gut all the time and it has never led me astray.  And one might think I perhaps don’t meet up with many men on tinder?  Well, think again: – I have been on 8 tinder dates in the last 2 weeks.  I think that may be my record!  🙂

Judging from those meetups – I don’t regret any of them.  I have met the most amazing men, chemistry and no chemistry.  I love sharing stories, I love connecting emotionally, intellectually, physically.  I have nothing to lose!  I am not on a direct mission of finding my “ONE” – rather in meeting some very interesting men, and maybe one will fall into that elusive slot!


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