Tinder Spam / Con Artists

Anyone who has been on Tinder for even just a short while will realise there are some dodgy spam artists out there.  What they hope to gain from being fake, and matching with you – I have no idea, but I seem to be able to spot them from a mile away!  Although, I must say they are becoming a lot more smart about their cover!

What to look out for:

  1.  Most of the spam tinder accounts have only 1 profile picture.  Last year I came across some real stupid spam artists who were using profile pictures of lesser known movie stars.  Nowadays they are using people’s profile pictures from either Facebook or the internet.
  2. Their conversations / stories are mostly the same.  And exceptionally disjointed.  Have some fun with them and throw in a complete bizarre question and receive the oddest reply!

A real case spam situation:

So this spamster was really clever!  5 pictures in total – and I mean the tattoo is pretty well placed on all the pictures.  Another thing to note, is that I had already matched with “Paul” and had him in my match list, and yet here he came up again as a second match.  Of course this gave me the distinct feeling it was a spamster, so here is how my conversation with him went:

Me:  Hey Paul!  I’ve matched with you before… But on a different profile?

Paul:  Delete the old profile tinder is giving me endless problems too many bugs

Me: Ok.  Never heard of that before.  Didn’t even know you could have two profiles

Paul:  Yeah tinder bugs.  Let me know when u deleted it

Me:  Tinder clearly doesn’t want you on here.  Can I ask – are you seriously a gynie?

Paul:  Yes I am

Me:  I’d be way too intimidated to come to you for such intimate consultations. You’ve obviously competed in body building?

Paul:  Lol the women love me to examine them. I’m extra careful

Me:  Sorry if this convo is mundane.  I’m trying to suss out whether you are real or not.

Paul:  No worries.  Yes, but now I’m an ambassador no time

Me:  In which area are you practicing?

Paul:  Clifton

Me:  All right.. last mundane question.  Why on tinder?  What you looking for?

Paul:  Just testing this app out.  Heard a lot about.  Won so much awards.

Me:  I didn’t know it won any awards

Paul:  You must do your research

Me:  I have just realised that the app now says you are over 1000km away?  You were only 24 km away earlier?

Paul:  The tinder app is mad.  Read online google… tinder lot of problems

Me:  ummmm… I’ll Google.

Paul:  Thank u

Me:  I’ll also google your pic and see if you exist for real.  You know how many scamsters there are?







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