Tinder Matching – out of your League

So I have matched with a hottie who is CLEARLY out of my league!  🙂 Out of my league because he has an EIGHT pack, not even 6, and a body which makes my mouth salivate.

He’ll be coming to my city in 10 days time.  So it’s now a game – for him.  To see how many women he can line up for his 3 week stay.  Will I fall to the end of the line as he matches and schedules meetings with women more in his league?  I think there’s a 74.6% chance of that happening.  LOL!

Look – I don’t have a low self esteem or anything.  I’m just being realistic here.  I am also 12 years his senior.

Watch this space… there might be some sizzling hot action taking place soon.