Tinder – Hookups

Most people know that Tinder is also called the “Shag App”.  As I said before – I believe that what you put out on Tinder, as in expectations, is what you will find.  I go through varying cycles of Tinder needs.  Sometimes I just want to connect with new people, even tourists – so that I can take them around my city.  Sometimes I just want to hookup with a hottie.  Sometimes I’m hoping to find a person with benefits, or heaven forbid – a partner.

But I’ll be honest – I’ve used Tinder many times for hookups (ie SEX).  I absolutely love the spontaneity of meeting someone and flirting and then enjoying a new, fresh sexual experience!  I’m a little addicted to that actually.  I worry that I might never be happy with the same partner day in and day out.

Here’s a bit of shocking stats for you:  In the last 4 years I have gone from having 1 sexual partner to just over 40.  (By the way – I am in my 40s)

Are you going to judge me?

Are you going to shake your head and feel sorry for this person who is clearly “lost”?

Are you going to think I’m skanky?

I truly hope not!  I am very much a well balanced individual with a HUGE heart.  I love sex (I didn’t until my mid 30s).  And I have only recently discovered my sexuality and the amazing feelings of intimacy with a man.  I also think I should enjoy this time of my life while I’m still young enough to do so.  So I take risks (not to my detriment), I meet as many new people as my energy allows, and if there’s a connection – I’ll sleep with the man.  We are all consenting adults, and sex is a natural part of our genetic makeup.  If you think otherwise – it’s all thoughts that you have been conditioned with. #justsaying

Oh – I don’t sleep with anyone I’m not attracted to.  And I have HIGH standards!