Random thoughts, Tinder & Depression Update

I haven’t posted for a while.  I have had loads of random thoughts happening though – but not worthy of pinning it to a blog post!  And most of my thoughts have been so fleeting.. that I would have forgotten them before even opening my blog!

I am still free from Depression.  I haven’t experienced the slightest feeling of despair since my plant ceremony almost 2 months ago, and still haven’t taken any of my antidepressants. And life is so good right now!  I still can’t fathom how I can be in such a complete different state of mind.  And it’s scary knowing that others might go through the same as I what I had, and yet make irreversible decisions in their poor state of mind – when as I now know, things turn!

My Tinder is plodding along.  I’m not as active as I was.  My focus has been on other things – possible move and work.  But I can say that I have met the most amazing men in the past 6 weeks (11 tinder dates!) and experienced some incredible connections, conversations and … sex!  None of the dates have turned into more than casual – so still tentatively seeking the ONE – although, also – not.  🙂  I am incredibly comfortable right now being single.  Probably the most comfortable I have ever felt.  And in turn.. I might actually be in the best place to meet him.

Oh – and I partied with a girlfriend on Saturday and was asked twice whether we were a couple!  Why is it two girls can’t hang out and not be considered gay?  It wasn’t like we were even touching each other – not in a hug, kiss, hands – nothing!  Made me think about impressions and hoping that my Prince Charming didn’t overlook me cause he thought I was batting for the other side!  LOL 🙂