2nd Plant Ceremony – Cure for Depression

I went through my 2nd Plant Ceremony on Friday (mushrooms).  The last one I attended I had been using antidepressants and knew it had numbed my experience to a certain extent.  It was for this reason I chose to do another ceremony 2 months later.

Firstly – after my 1st experience I was off my antidepressants from the get-go.  And I have not felt a moment of despair, or negativity since then.  What baffles my mind is that here’s this natural remedy that cured my depression – and yet it’s considered illegal.  Why illegal?  It’s not addictive substance.  It’s a natural product like herbs and vegetables.  Alcohol is more damaging to a person and yet it is promoted and marketed and encouraged.   This natural substance cured my depression!  I wish I could tell everyone who is battling with this disease to go and give it a try!

Friday’s plant ceremony was very different to my first.  I had a profound experience and I’m still unpacking and reflecting on some of my visions and emotions that came to light.  But as the previous time… the feelings of connectivity, positivity and enlightment is outstanding! I feel like my eyes are open and I see everything clearly.  My heart is full to bursting.  I feel I have purpose.  I feel like this world is an incredibly beautiful place.  And this feeling doesn’t dissipate.  There is NO down to taking mushrooms.

It should be sold as a herbal medication!