Will I be able to settle down?

Confession:  I had sex with 4 different guys this week.  Not randoms – all friends (with benefits).  Guys I have slept with before and who I have a really great friendship with. (Four different guys in a week isn’t necessarily the norm.  I didn’t have sex for 2 weeks before that – it just so happens that I hooked up with these four this week.)

What I worry about though is whether I can settle down and enjoy sex with one man for an extended period of time?  I have recently discovered, in the last 3 years, that I have a high sex drive and coupled with that, I really do enjoy the variety!  I am still experimenting sexually.

A friend of mine said that I am obviously lacking the intimacy aspect of sex when I sleep with these men.  She can’t believe how easily I do it.  lol… I find that funny.  Sex is sex.  It can be intimate, but at the same time it can just be fun with no strings attached. If I compare my last week’s escapades:  there was intimacy with two of my friends, while the other two was just hot steamy quickies.  🙂

But back to the reason for this post:  I worry about if I can settle down and enjoy one man.