Summary – last 2 weeks

I had a bit of an emotional dip last week, but it seemed to have been all linked to my period and the hormones that come with it.  It was a week of feeling lost, helpless, irritable, down, emotional…  almost to the point of not being able to function properly.  I need to look into some form of natural remedy during this time, there must be something that will work for me.

So still haven’t taken any antidepressants since June and have experimented with small dosages of shrooms the past weekend while at a trance party.

Regarding Tinder:  I deleted my account two weeks ago.  And then created a brand spanking new one, and BOOM – I have never been so popular!  LOL – I have the most matches I have ever experienced, chatting to a few.  Met up with 3 thus far.  But nothing mind blowing or “I want to rip your clothes off” kind of meeting.

Current Tinder date status 2017:  25.