15 years my junior

I don’t ordinarily pursue any man younger than 10 years my junior – but this one is an exception.

He made contact with me initially at the beginning of the year via my instagram account.  I flogged him off for a long while, sticking to my 10 year age difference rule.  My birthday this year made me realise how I might regret taking this opportunity to enjoy a young, fit body while I still can! So we hooked up in June for the first time.  He is very much an old soul, and so we got on very well – spoke for hours before climbing into each other.  I actually found him to be one of the most experienced of all the men I have been with.  And so I naturally craved more.

I met him at a club in August, and we spent the evening dancing away and enjoying some E, ending back up at my place at 4am and spending hours having sex till 10.  That evening will be remembered for eternity.  Everything about it was hot and sensual.

Then Friday he came to visit me again.  We literally bristled with sexual energy.  So much so that inside I was shaking.  I don’t experience this often, if at all – and it’s this that I want and need to find in my partner – chemistry and primal attraction.  We had such intense sex Friday – intense meaning incredibly pleasurable and connected.  Everything flowed, no awkwardness, no rush, just an ebb and flow of pleasure.  I felt such an overwhelming emotion of love for him.  Not love that I’d want to marry him – love for this soul, for the man he is and for the part he plays in my life.

I am so glad I threw my stupid rule out the window!  I most definitely will not be looking back at my life and thinking why in heavens did I do that!